Au&Ag Collection

24K Gold, Sterling Silver, & High Clarity Diamonds

Spa & Salon Anastasia is proud to be a flagship store for Poole Pendergrast Studios!
Each piece is one of a kind, carefully crafted & forged into the art you see below.

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Gold Covered Earring & Pendant (Straight from Site).jpg
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Courtney Pendergrast is the owner, designer, & maker for Poole Pendergrast Studios, located in the foothills of Northeast Georgia.

Her goal as an artist is to grasp a raw idea & forge it into something tangible & enduring.

Form, function, & aesthetics all play a key role in Courtney's designs & she draws inspiration from the versatility of metal. She specializes in making delicate filigree pieces, hand forged designs, custom pieces, & in refurbishing antique jewelry.

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